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Re: [podcasters] FTP comments

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  • David Smith
    ... Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated... ... ... Gee, and I was having such -fun- whining... ... Yep, point taken. I m getting too
    Message 1 of 18 , Feb 27, 2007
      It was 26 Feb 2007, when Evo Terra commented:

      > Two things, David:
      > 1) After listening to one of your episodes to see if I could get a
      > better angle on how to help, I wound up subscribing. So from the point of
      > view of a new listener, shut up already about getting people to contribute
      > and just keep doing what you are doing. I like it. :)

      Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated... <grin>

      > And 2):
      > David Smith wrote:
      > > Trouble is, I'm in a razor-
      > > thin market segment, people who want to hear me talk about myself.
      > Let me go through my list and give you a smattering of the podcasts I
      > subscribe to where the host primarily talks about his or herself (and the
      > things he/she finds interesting):


      > I might have missed a few. But I listen to these podcasts *because* they
      > talk about themselves. Not in spite of it.

      Gee, and I was having such -fun- whining...

      > > It appears that, someday, 1 in 150 of the American population will have
      > > reason to listen to my podcast. My job, find them -- and come up with
      > > something for them to listen to.
      > Actually, your first job is to find things that you enjoy telling those of
      > us that listen. It's a subtle difference, but a profound one. The people I
      > listed above *rarely* worry finding things they think I care about and
      > instead focus on the things they care about. I can listen to me talk all
      > the time...

      Yep, point taken. I'm getting too self-conscious, now that there are
      Actual People listening. Gotta be brilliant every time. I forgot again,
      Sturgeon's Law?

      > > There is a small
      > > wedge in which I can do the right things, and there's a small fraction of
      > > right things I could end up doing for my podcast, and there's a
      > > vanishingly small chance that the second will sufficently match up with
      > > the first.
      > >
      > > And I have to get both right, or I'm just another guy who tried to do a
      > > podcast and failed.
      > There is no one Right Way. While there are many Wrong Ways, IMHO, the
      > number of Right Ways so far vastly out pace the Wrong that the Wrong are
      > moot. What you are doing right now is a Right Way. More of that, please.
      > (Thought I do prefer the scripted shows, truth be told. I'm a sucker for
      > format.)

      I find when I work from a script, I talk too fast. (Gotta work on that.)
      But, yeah, it does sound a lot more Professional and whatnot. Oddly
      enough, that gives me an idea for a show, about "whatnot." I could tell
      you what I mean, but that'd spoil the surprise. <grin>

      Grizzly <grizzly at grizzly.podzone.org>
      Podcast: <http://grizzly.libsyn.com>
      What's it about? It's about five or
      ten minutes. Sometimes more.
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