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There is no such thing as a Free Lunch

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  • Dennis De Jarnette
    Steve Eley responding On 1/31/07, David Smith
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2007
      Steve Eley responding On 1/31/07, David Smith <dbsmith@...
      <mailto:dbsmith%40atbbs.dyndns.org>> wrote:
      > If it's nothing, free means I don't have to give a rats.

      And that's good?

      Good luck with your podcast.

      Have Fun,
      Steve Eley

      I agree with Steve. You get what you pay for. And your philosophy and
      input needs to be good if you want to succeed. I am at the picking a
      host stage in my podcast as I have been proceeding really slowly. I
      just registered my domain name with go daddy but with the buzz I hear
      about them I am not convinced that they are the route I wish to go. For
      me for a religious podcast 50 subscribers would be enough as the "show
      prep" is something I am already doing anyway. But who can tell if
      something "takes off?" So it seems based on the reading I have done here
      that Libsyn seems the best choice. As for my budget, anything up to 50 a
      month for web and hosting would be fine, but of course while there is no
      such thing as a free lunch, economical is good.

      What software are you Mac guys using for show notes? Ideally Comments
      would be possible but in the beginning I might want them turned off.

      I have found some copyright free audio source for the Bible so there are
      more than one voice in the podcast. I found one with a computer voice
      that might be fun on a rare occasion.

      Any ideas for me?

      Positive Dennis
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