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Re: Podcasting sites are the dot-bomb boom of the

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  • Michael W. Dean
    ... ============================== What I mean by unless that s not in your plan is this: I see so much talk (here and elsewhere) on monetizing your
    Message 1 of 19 , Dec 18, 2006
      --- In podcasters@yahoogroups.com, "dcolanduno" <dcolanduno@...> wrote:
      > Here, here, Steve...
      > This is one of the big things I harped on 'way' back at Dragon*Con
      > 2005 right before my stroke. On my panels when people asked questions
      > on 'what should *I* do my podcast about'... I would always pretty much
      > the same thing. Especially when it came to getting yourself
      > advertising and such. I really feel that it is the best thing for any
      > podcast to find a sponsor and advertisers that completely fit the
      > subject and material of their core subject(s). That way, even just
      > talking about what you are promoting is 'content' for the most part.
      > There are some very good models for that out there!

      What I mean by "unless that's not in your plan" is this: I see so much
      talk (here and elsewhere) on "monetizing" your podcast that I think it
      makes amateur podcasters feel like they're a failure if they don't go

      To anyone who's podcasting and having fun and reaching a few people
      but not making money: You don't HAVE to make money. That doesn't have
      to be the goal.

      It doesn't cost much to podcast, and it's ***OK*** to just to it for
      fun. It's like having a blog or playing guitar for your friends or
      doing needlepoint. You can just do it for the sake of doing it.

      It's also OK to make money at podcasting. But please don't feel you
      have to. Very few people will, and many who do have a business degree
      or equivalent experience and have been on the Internet for ten or more
      years, and make their podcast their full-time job. It's ***OK*** just
      to yack and send it out to the ethers and have some folks hear it and
      like it.

      I hate product placement in films. I also understand the fiscal
      reality of making films. They cost a ton of money to create. So I know
      why they do product placement. But I have an aesthetic objection to
      seeing product placement in a film I otherwise dig. (A great comment
      on this is in the film "State and Maine", a film about filmmaking,
      where they find a way to do product placement for some dot-com in a
      film set in 1890.)

      Advertising in podcasts can be aesthetically obtrusive. I sometimes
      hear ads on podcasts that really break the flow of whatever is going
      on. Sometimes they don't, but please consider the thought that you
      don't HAVE to have them. It can be such an inexpensive hobby that it's
      OK to keep it as a hobby.

      --Michael W. Dean

      "I'm not looking to make money at podcasting. I want to maintain my
      amateur status so I can compete in the Olympics."
      --Michael W. Dean

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