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Re: Re: Re: [podcasters] libsyn good enough?

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  • Stephen Eley
    ... I back up all of my sites and databases daily with an automated script. I also don t have my domain registered with Dreamhost. If they suddenly became
    Message 1 of 9 , Dec 3, 2006
      On 12/3/06, Paul Puri <paulpuri@...> wrote:
      > Thanks for the brief history of the challenges you have faced. And like you
      > said, there are no all in 1 solutions unfortunately. Although, I don't know
      > if I'd want to trust every aspect of my business or hobby to just one
      > company.

      I back up all of my sites and databases daily with an automated
      script. I also don't have my domain registered with Dreamhost. If
      they suddenly became unusable (went bankrupt, went insane, got raided
      by the Secret Service, sank into the ocean, etc.) I could be back up
      and running somewhere else in one day. I was actually considering a
      mirroring solution that could have me up within 15 minutes or so, but
      decided the cost of downtime wasn't worth the hassle of setting that
      up and keeping it up.

      If I had my Web site in one place and my MP3 files in another,
      *either* host folding would have the effect of bringing my podcast
      down. So in that sense, my risk is actually doubled vs. having it all
      in one place. And recovering from either calamity would still take...
      Yeah, about a day.

      Long story short, I don't believe I'm at exceptional risk. The key is
      just to make sure I have copies of everything at home.

      > The biggest reason I asked is because I am working on a Wordpress hosting
      > service for podcasters which is donation based. I'm still working out the
      > bugs, and hope to have it up in a sort of beta phase in January.

      Yes, I heard about that. >8-> I think it's a great idea. Doing it
      on a donations basis is risky but very noble.

      > What I would like to ask is, for those of you that have a decent amount of
      > traffic on your sites, what kind of bandwidth do you see being used for just
      > the site? I will not host audio. I will leave that to the Libsyn's,
      > hipcasts, and dreamhosts of this world.

      Not much at all. It's less than 1% of my traffic. Your resource
      constraint in this scenario isn't going to be bandwidth; it's probably
      going to be CPU and the performance of your MySQL database. And even
      that might not be too bad. (Note for consideration, though: you want
      to turn off PodPress's built-in stats tracking as an option for
      people, because my experience is that the stats table quickly explodes
      in size relative to all other Wordpress tables.)

      > Also, for those who have used Wordpress in the past, what plugins have you
      > found useful, besides Podpress, of course.

      Akismet is an absolute must. Chaining other spam-killing plugins with
      it may be worthwhile too, but increases complexity.

      If WP-Cache is compatible with Wordpress MU (and isn't already part of
      the system) you'll find that it'll be a huge load reduction on your
      database and Web server.

      Adhesive is useful for top-of-the-blog "announcement" posts. And I
      like Markdown for formatting my text; if your users are largely
      nontechnical, offering Markdown and documenting it properly may save
      them some headaches. Oh, and of course I use the WP-CC plugin for
      Creative Commons licensing. >8->

      I use other plugins, but they're frills. (Democracy for polling,
      etc.) Podpress, some spam control, and caching if you can do it are
      the important ones. Your real trickiness isn't going to be plugins
      anyway, it's going to be making the right templates available for
      people and getting them set up so that people can customize them
      properly. To me the look-and-feel has always been the most complex
      part of Wordpress.

      Again, best of luck.

      Have Fun,
      Steve Eley (sfeley@...)
      ESCAPE POD - The Science Fiction Podcast Magazine
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