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RE: [podcasters] The State of Podcasting Outside the U.S.

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  • Rob Greenlee-WebTalkGuys
    I have been building mobile phone wireless carrier mobilcast catalogs of short and long form podcasts for Melodeo Mobilcast in Italy, France, Denmark, UK,
    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 30, 2006
      I have been building mobile phone wireless carrier mobilcast catalogs of
      short and long form podcasts for Melodeo Mobilcast in Italy, France,
      Denmark, UK, Finland, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and Canada for the last
      few months. The Italian, French and Danish mobile podcast catalogs are
      totally comprised of native language podcasts with the French being much
      stronger in the numbers of podcasts and genre selection. Italy is still very
      early with podcasting and many media sources are just now getting feeds
      online. Many podcasters in Italy have one feed with all of the radio
      stations shows mp3 files, instead of individual feeds for each show. Finland
      has a fairly strong podcasting industry for the population size, but
      podcasting is still very small. Finnish podcasts are almost always in the
      Finnish language, there are a few english podcasts.

      As you might expect the mobile podcast catalogs for the UK (3 UK),
      Australia, Singapore and Canada are mostly in english with the exception of
      French Canadians. What I have seen is an equal interest in country specific
      or locally produced podcasts and internationally produced podcasts. USA
      based podcasts are popular in all four of these areas. So when I create
      mobile phone podcast listening catalogs for those countries it is a balance
      between all available sources with a heavier weight given to country
      specifically produced podcasts for these catalogs. In the Rogers Wireless
      Mobilcast I have included French Canadian launguage podcasts in the default
      Roger catalog. The most popular podcast in Singapore with M1 is the Mr
      Brown Podcast and I have created a separate Singapore category in mobilcast
      on M1's network, but most of the feeds come from all over the world. M1 is
      also going to pre-install Mobilcast on Nokia N73 mobile phones in Singapore.

      M1 Mobilcast -
      k=mcast&layer=lyr1&content=pod> &link=mcast&layer=lyr1&content=pod
      Alltel Mobilcast - http://www.alltel.com/axcess/
      Cingular -
      =16&p=2> &c1=16&p=2

      Rob Greenlee
      Melodeo Mobilcast

      WebTalk Radio
      Mobile: 253-831-5632


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      Subject: [podcasters] The State of Podcasting Outside the U.S.

      Are the Chinese forced to subscribe to "Lets Learn English" podcasts in
      preparation for the Olympics? Where is podcasting most developed
      outside the U.S. ? Are the best cooking-related podcasts in France or
      Italy? Are the British listening to the m for ideas, or does the
      secret ingredient get lost in translation? Do German corporations

      There is a world outside the U.S.


      And if you are interested in reading about podcasting out there, here
      is a great overview.


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