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Re: Time Management and Podcasting

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  • dave_r_riley
    I think Todd s book is very good on this point as he tells you how he does it when I don t think other DIY manuals offer such an example. Theres also a lot of
    Message 1 of 12 , Nov 29, 2006
      I think Todd's book is very good on this point as he tells you how he
      does it when I don't think other DIY manuals offer such an example.

      Theres' also a lot of discussion here and there on Podcast 411 about
      how some people manage to work it with the other stuff happening in
      their lives.

      Since I'm fiddling a few different projects when I sometimes don't
      know when the audio will 'arrive' I can't manage a set routine.And I
      HATE post editing!

      So I'm trying to do this as a GTD exercise which is a world on the web
      unto itself.
      And find a way to tag all the audio I record ,the audio I collect and
      the tasks I need to so in regard to it all.

      In fact you can subscribe to a GTD podcast at 43 Folders
      which is quite useful.

      I guess the only shortcut I've found is pretty crude: I use Audacity
      to edit and for each show I employ the one show template -- so that I
      have the intro and ending and any other bits amalgamated in a reserve
      Audacity Project file so that when I import the new audio all I need
      to do is insert it and clean it up before converting it to a mp3 file
      for publishing. That way I already have my ID tags formatted and such
      that all I have to do is update them: ie: change number and date and

      Rob's 411(and again I think Tod does this too if I recall correctly )
      is real good with tips like that as well as ways to create you file
      names by using zeroes and numerals with dates and show name initials.
      If you've got that off pat, you're streamlining the business.

      I always build in at least two complete listens before I say "done" --
      one on the desktop and one on the web.Since I've started to use a Hi
      Mini Disc recorder I'm hoping that I can learn to edit "in the can "
      so that all I need do on the computer is clean it up,edit it down a
      bit more, merge any audio that needs to be merged and publish.

      I prefer not to record on the computer.

      And I guess the obvious needs to be stated: the better quality is your
      recording in the first place the less is the time you have to fiddle
      with it to make it better or even to record it. In radio and among
      podcasters the two to one rule(or is it three to one?) is often
      raised: spend twice the amount of time preparing your show than you do
      recording or broadcasting it. And in radio they will tell you:
      prepare it by scripting it, plot time pie charts, work up your pace
      and allocate your intervals...

      I think thats' probably the best approach and the more you prep the
      better & more expert you'll become doing the rest -- such that by the
      end of such conscious attention to the way you GTD -- get things done
      -- the less time you'll need to spend doing it.

      dave riley
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