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Re: [podcasters] Odeo options plus

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  • Chris Moody
    ... Thanks --
    Message 1 of 5 , Oct 1, 2006
      Will Brown wrote:
      > On 9/30/06, Chris Moody <katserf@...
      > <mailto:katserf%40chrismoody.net>> wrote:
      > > If you have already started and have everything set up, can you use Odeo
      > > as you do Podcast Pickle, iTunes, etc?
      > Yes.
      > In the beginning Odeo just pulled everyone's feeds in like most new
      > directories. Then the owner of the podcast would just have to "Claim"
      > their feed and customize their tags. I'm not sure if they go out and
      > do that anymore.
      > If you are not listed then just sign up and add your feed. Also, there
      > is a "Add a Feed" link in the bottom-right corner of every page.
      > Will
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    • dave_r_riley
      Unfortunately the ODEO claim your feed process can be problematical but really you don t have to claim it unless you want to dress up your podcast page and
      Message 2 of 5 , Oct 2, 2006
        Unfortunately the ODEO "claim your feed" process can be problematical
        but really you don't have to claim it unless you want to dress up
        your podcast page and add show notes and tags.

        The other related option is this(and I hope I don't confuse too many
        people as ODEO is a very hard site to navigate around):

        I upload my individual audio files to ODEO and generally I allocate
        them to the one all-in feed which is separate from my other channels
        whose feeds are generated on Blogger and later processed through

        These other channels are already listed on the ODEO directory and if I
        allocate the audio to each of them I double up the listing so that TWO
        episodes are shown on the ODEO podcast directory for that channel.
        (Although ODEO feed aggregation that grabs your podcast off site is
        very slow in updating your entry on the ODEO directory.)

        The associated advantage for doing it this way is that I can create
        individual flash players for each episode which I embed as part of the
        Show Notes on my podcast pages(on Blogger) separate from ODEO.

        By allocating this audio to the one feed/page on ODEO I also create a
        playlist on the snazzy Odeo aggregator player which I have embedded
        on each of my podcast sites as well ,so I get cross promotion and
        access. So if you go to one of my podcast sites -- you get

        (1) the Mp3 download url for each episode
        (2) each episode immediately accessible through its own flash player
        (I upload my show notes with both attributes)
        (3) and, in the margin, a flash player that aggregates the latest
        episodes across the network of channels.This holds, in my customized
        version of it, eight of the most recent episodes in an easy click
        through interface.

        On top of that, on my blog, I may now and then create throw away audio
        commentaries --or "communiques"(to grab BicycleMark's great term for
        them) -- which I may create on impulse and don't place in any podcast
        or feed at all. It's sort of simple audio blogging. These I offer as
        an embedded flash player.

        What I'm now thinking of doing is finding a way to actively promote
        ODEOs flash players -- "Get the Flash player for your site" -- to
        people who may like to embed the audio/episode on their own blog or
        website. This is exactly how YouTube shares videos. Really it's a
        simple copy and paste exercise but you may need some knowledge of HTML.

        The irony is that people have actively embraced YouTube sharing this
        way but the prospect of sharing podcast episodes like this seems to
        have been overlooked.

        Then -- as part of my 'strategy' -- I'm trying to encourage my
        listeners to record their own audio on ODEO so that I can later grab,
        edit and podcast it. ODEO offers the "Send Me An ODEO" option wherein
        any one can record a message for you and it's integrated into your
        ODEO's account's inbox -- sort of like an email. But this feature,
        I've found, is very unstable,so that I now refer people to the ODEO
        STUDIO instead.


        You/they can record for an hour on it.

        While sign up is involved it is much more dependable than the "Send Me
        An ODEO" interface is.

        So generally there are a lot of bells and whistles on ODEO that can be
        harnessed to supplement your current protocols and outreach -- EVEN IF
        YOUR PODCAST IS OFFSITE. Last weekend, ODEO added episode titles to
        their larger single episode/Mp3 file flash players which makes them
        that little bit more identifiable.

        I've also noted here before about ways to use RawSugar(better than
        del.icio.us in this regard) to tag and create supplementary feeds to
        package old or specific category content. You can do the same on ODEO
        too although it's a little bit more laborious.

        Assuming your feed and your Mp3 files are off site(but really even if
        they were housed on ODEO you can still do this) and you wanted to
        package together some chosen episodes under a new label: You create an
        account at ODEO then create a new podcast (and thats' easy to set up
        -- it's a one click thing) -- and YOU LINK to that feed those episodes
        of your podcast you want to format or highlight under the new banner.
        For instance you could separate out the 2005 podcasts from the 2006 ones.

        You can take that feed anywhere you want . You can offer it as another
        subscription option on your site. You can process it separately
        through Feedburner (or another aggregator) so that you get a HTML menu
        of targeted past episodes for your sidebar. You can enter the new feed
        RSS into one of the Blogger in beta widgets and straight away have a
        supplementary list of marked off shows (eg: best of)if your podcast is
        on Blogger (in beta)....

        Easy to do -- but maybe tagging with RawSugar is easier....

        dave riley

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