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Question: wind and its impact on electret microphones

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  • Dave Riley
    I use a Sony electret mic. Good mic. Great sound. But when I m outside in a breeze ,with the supplied sock on it picks up wind turbulence. as if it were a
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 2006
      I use a Sony electret mic. Good mic. Great sound. But when I'm outside
      in a breeze ,with the supplied sock on it picks up wind turbulence. as
      if it were a thunderstorm.

      What do I do to protect my microphone?

      Do I shield it (by creating a flange/wind shield for instance) or use
      another sock?

      These mics are small so you could feasibly 'protect them with your
      other hand but only if it was free. There must surely be a preferred
      method. I recorded on a bike trip today and I got wind noise real bad
      each time I turned into the wind.


      I have also attached my mic to a three pronged camera stand(I
      cannibalised it from an old camera).It's about 4 inches high with
      flexy legs. I did this by taping a connector join to the stand apex.
      When I want to use it I insert the mic in one end of the connector and
      I plug the lead that runs to my ifp iRiver into the other end of the
      connector. It's very stable and I can point it in any number of
      directions by adjusting the flexy legs.

      I thought of this solution because I often have to record at rallies
      and the like outdoors where the only input is to capture the sound
      coming from the speaker boxes. Using this nifty stand I point my mic
      just so and leave it and the iRiver on the ground. Otherwise I have to
      stand there with my mic in my hand for the duration of the speakers'
      platform.If it rains I put an umbrella over it.(So add that to your
      rig list)

      The stand also works a treat on a table during an interview and the
      feet can be folded back such that you get a handle to hand hold the
      mic which is separate from the trunk that supports the microphone.
      Since these types of mics are notorious for picking up hand noise (
      Rule #1 with electrets: NEVER move your handgrip during an interview
      or during any hand held recording !) this separation will give you
      greater leeway in laying down your audio.(These mics were originally
      designed to plug into mini disc recorders but they will pick up
      "machine noise " at that level of proximity to the recording source.
      But as far as i can gather Sony haven't considered what happens when
      the mic is utilised at the end of a line/mic cable in..")

      Now all I have to do is adapt my podcast logo so I can put in on the
      mic's rim. I need a "microphone flag" that suits this small size. The
      big ones are available here:


      but I guess I'll have to make my own to fit. Logo I've got. It's the
      material I need to make the flag from that's the question. Styrofoam
      is light but not very durable. I'm thinking some form of recycled

      Any suggestions?

      dave riley.

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