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What a Wonderful Web 2.0 World We live in....

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  • motivatedentrepreneur
    The web 2.0 world is combining omni-media strategies with social media habits and tendencies. In between these lines of media development there is a crossroad
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 26, 2006
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      The web 2.0 world is combining omni-media strategies with social
      media habits and tendencies. In between these lines of media
      development there is a crossroad of technology waiting to fuse
      together and form a new brand of commercial application and industry.

      The growth of tagging, blogging, podcasting and video over the
      internet has brought together a new mixture of elements that are
      leading the charge for a new shape of micro market applications.
      These elements are allowing users and producers; the ability to
      utilize more enriched strategies for commerce based on social
      tendencies, desires, and requests. When choices and decisions by a
      user allow a content distributor to develop and distribute their
      material with greater effectiveness and reach, this creates an
      opportunity for tremendous branding and association. The resulting
      loyalty and affiliation to the brand or campaign becomes
      very "sticky", users and viewers place greater value in the name
      associated with the content and remember the material with greater

      So how does a successful internet video show, audio podcast, or
      interactive advertisement, utilize social media tools to further
      enhance their product or campaign?...This question is still being
      answered as new tools evolve, however, it is very apparent that the
      right mix of these elements will result in a campaign that is
      tremendously successful with great brand appreciation and practical

      Let's break this down real quick; we'll start with interactive

      Interactive Advertisements

      Ads in the omni media world need to resonate and convert users,
      regardless of the platform of presentation. Interactive advertising
      revolves around placement, intuitive adaptation, and brand synergy.
      Interactive ads fuse media producers, content distribution
      strategies, and behavioral re-targeting metrics together to offer a
      deep targeted reach.

      Interactive advertising, Interactive Advertisements

      Social Media

      Social media is allowing individuals to share opinions and propagate
      comments, ideas, articles, etc. around the internet. This has opened
      up the space to "tagging", "bookmaking", and next
      generation "photo/video sharing hangouts" like MySpace, Facebook, and
      others which dominate the internet traffic markets. The social media
      culture has risen quickly on the strength of its optimization power
      and ability to disseminate information across a wide geographic and
      demographic landscape almost instantaneously. These social media
      tools are quickly developing into a crucial building block in the
      internet landscape of website promotion, finding their way into
      websites, videos, and podcasts with great effectiveness.

      Social Media

      Omni-Media Delivery and Access

      The current omni media market includes a wide array of developments
      in audio, video, and computer generated productions that can be
      delivered across multiple platforms. The race to access and utilize
      the platforms for distribution has been heating up and the everyday
      individual is benefiting from the unprecedented access to media
      information at their request. Producers and developers alike are be
      benefiting from the analytics of measurement and interactivity that
      comes with building revenue streams based on targeted ad campaigns.
      It is opening new segmented markets (i.e. "Long tail") as well as
      major media markets for content digestion. With the access to social
      media tools and interactive advertising strategies, content producers
      who have quality productions, popular concepts and/or
      social "likeability" will be able to monetize their ventures based on
      the rich nature of their product offering.

      Omni-media, multi-platform media distribution

      As we look to integrate new delivery strategies to the market, the
      market continues to present us with new means for consumption and new
      standards for promotion. This mix is very beneficial to the open
      free market because it offers itself to each individual, allowing
      choices to be considered based on needs, wants and requests. It is
      up to commercial society to figure out the best application,
      integration, and utilization of these concepts to increase its value.

      "Developing the Future"
      What I Want Podcasting - http://www.WhatIWantPodcasting.com
      --------Ryan Hoback---------------
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