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Re: [podcasters] podcasting on cell phones and Sirius

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  • Brian Noe
    There s an entire lineup of Podcasts on Sirius Stars Channel 102 under the auspices of Podshow. The block airs Monday through Friday from 6 to 10 PM Eastern,
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 3, 2006
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      There's an entire lineup of Podcasts on Sirius Stars Channel 102 under the
      auspices of Podshow. The block airs Monday through Friday from 6 to 10 PM
      Eastern, and includes several shows under contract to Podshow (Daily Source
      Code, Pacific Coast Hellway, Digital Flotsam, Dawn and Drew, Madge, CC
      Chapman, Michael Butler, etc.), and some independent Podcasts as well
      (Wichita, my show, etc.).

      There's also a rotating guest slot in the lineup on Tuesday evenings.

      I know that some in the Podcasting community eschew the idea of taking "new
      media" products and distributing them through Sirius, but I know that it has
      really helped to build the audience for my Frank Truth show, and I've gotten
      many new subscribers to the Podcast who first found the show through the
      Sirius broadcast.

      It's also helped me become more disciplined in the production of my shows,
      knowing that P-Dub will kick my ass if I fail to deliver a quality program
      to him on deadline each week.


      On 8/3/06, Rich Elswick <richard@...> wrote:
      > Well, it looks like it is starting and going this way...
      > http://press.namct.com/content/view/1816/2/
      > I was wondering what you all thought of this development? Anyone doing
      > this
      > right now?
      > I know http://www.mobilcast.com/ does something along these lines and
      > someone posted about it here before, but I didn't have the time to
      > research
      > it more then.
      > Here is an article on them:
      > http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/venture/237187_vc19.html
      > So far, if you ask me, it appears this will only work out for the rich and
      > internet savvy crowd. Unless the pricing or model comes down, it is going
      > to be sometime before I see this happening. Let alone you need a cell
      > phone
      > capable of it. It also appears that to some degree, using mobilcast you
      > basically will not get any revenue from putting up via their service.
      > I know for Game Developers and software developers for cell phones, when
      > they sign an agreement to get their content available for download on a
      > service provided (T-mobile for example) that they sign a revenue deal with
      > the provider, usually based on a per download basis. Of course, they also
      > only get distributed to that single provider and then have to work out
      > deals
      > with other providers as such. Is anyone aware of a podcast or a network of
      > podcasts doing this on their own with a cell phone company?
      > I also heard of a podcast getting distributed onto the Sirius network.
      > Anyone doing this? What is it like?
      > Thanks,
      > Rich Elswick
      > http://www.painbank.com <blocked::http://www.painbank.com> - SCA centric
      > martial arts podcast
      > http://www.moyaentertainment.com <http://www.moyaentertainment.com/> -
      > Podcast Production
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