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  • Nicole Simon
    ... Depends on local laws involved and which connections they have to others (which is recognized / ackknowledged for example by the us) I would say.
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 29, 2004
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      "human_factors" <john@...> wrote:
      >How much of someone else's audio can I use? If no license is
      >referenced or displayed, what are the rules that apply? In short, I
      >want to know how I to treat audio produced by other people.

      Depends on local laws involved and which connections they have to others
      (which is recognized / ackknowledged for example by the us) I would say.


      comes to my mind for example.

      !! please be reminded that some facts be be altered in a court or not seen
      !! that hard but to give you an idea. these are my interpretation about
      !! this business, they are not perfect but I do have had some discussions
      !! over the years and do have some knowledge in it.

      In this case in Germany - I am not a lawjer - I would say the following.
      audio per itself is protected by "Urheberrecht", a slightly different
      modell than copyright even so it translate it into this word. you can
      never give away your ownership, you give away usage rights.

      you are allowed to bill for local / nationwide / worldwide usage rights,
      the regional distribution and for where it is used. meaning for pictures:
      if you use it on your papers and want to use it on your business cards, you
      have to relicense. it is judged on the "how much creativ art ist this".

      if you are successfull with it, I am allowd to bill you even again, because
      you make money out of it. this is in some ways a whole lot of crap and
      needs seriously to be redone. or do you pay each time you sit on a
      beautiful made chair? no, you don't. why not? because it is not art but

      back to audio.
      for german productions (and if produced here I would say they automatically
      fall into this category) you are not allowed to use it unless you have been
      given a usage right. I even could declare all of my things ownership free
      but they would never be.

      In case of podcasting, you would need a unlimited worldwide, untimed (I
      forgot the time can be set two, for example "you may distribute it for 2
      weeks!) usage right. If I give you one for podcasting, you where never
      allowed to use it on a cd compilation, a presentation or as an example in a
      website report - unless you get another usage right.

      So I would need to give you a unlimited in time and kind of usage,
      worldwide usage right. You do have a Quotationright, but only to support
      your work and being minor in content. If you use one of my voicesamples for
      example http://useful-sounds.de/sound/good_morning.mp3 as opener for your
      podcast, this is part of your show.

      Chosing a proper CC License for my stuff is still on my todo list. I think
      they finally found a way to have the usversion of the cc license working
      with our "Urheberrecht". IDtagging it correctly is another.

      Even though this is german law, it surely meets laws in other european
      countries and as far as I know, some copyrigth-treatments are acknowledget
      in the us.

      if no license it referenced or displayed, I asume it is not usable because
      unclear whether or not it is free for such use or not.

      [For example I do have a personal voice message from Michael Butlar, two
      mails (one with the song, one with the message) his song was played at adam
      curry etc. He would have difficulties to prove that I was not allowed to
      play his song in my local radio show. ]

      Always think of beeing in a court and having to prove that you indeed where
      allowed to play so and how much it would cost you if the judge does not
      think so. A local judge in this case.

      On the other hand this is a call for "please make clear how I can use your
      audio" to the authors.


      http://useful-sounds.de - soundfiles, podcasting and more (in english)

      http://beissholz.de/ - von bissig bis garstig

      http://ideengeberin.de - Das Weblog mit pragmatischen Ideen,
      die Ihnen die Arbeit erleichtern und Ihren Kunden Freude bereiten!
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