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Re: [podcasters] Re: T-Shirt Vendor Recommendations wanted

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  • Dan Kuykendall
    ... Hash: SHA1 Was wondering if you were going to mention your biz. For anyone not paying attention, that is Chris McIntyre, the genius that brought
    Message 1 of 12 , Jun 1, 2006
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      Was wondering if you were going to mention your biz.
      For anyone not paying attention, that is Chris McIntyre, the genius that
      brought http://www.podcastalley.com to the world.

      Since hes my good buddy, Im going to have to say that it would be nice
      to be able to "keep it in the family" as it were, by supporting a
      podcasting pioneer with your t-shirt printing needs.

      - --
      Dan Kuykendall (aka Seek3r)

      In God we trust, all others we virus scan.
      Programmer - an organism that turns coffee into software.

      Chris wrote:
      > I might as well throw my hat in here too. I have a t-shirt printing
      > business as well (true screen printing) and already print shirts for
      > Rock and Roll Geek, the Daily Download, Audio Collective, the Reno
      > Lake Tahoe Report and more.
      > You can see them at http://shop.shirtsbymail.com
      > if you are interested, email info@... for more info.
      > Chris McIntyre
      > --- In podcasters@yahoogroups.com, I Print Stickers <alrighta@...> wrote:
      >> Uh-oh!!
      >> Battle of the T-Shirt printing podcasters!!
      >> Your goin down Pickle-man!!
      >> **kidding**
      >> http://plannineprint.com
      >>> I do Tshirts for my day job, I own a sporting goods and uniform shop.
      >>> let me know what u need and I will give you a price.
      >>> On 6/1/06, John Federico <jaf@...> wrote:
      >>>> I¹ve used LowerTown Printing numerous times. Their minimum order
      >>> is 6
      >>>> t-shirts, but I¹ve only ever ordered 200+ per order.
      >>>> http://www.lowertownprinting.com/
      >>>> Or 800-870-3959
      >>>> Ask for Erin Oberhauser.
      >>>> Regards,
      >>>> -jf.
      >>>> --
      >>>> John Federico
      >>>> Sr. Director, Podcasting
      >>>> Audible, Inc.
      >>>> jfederico@...
      >>>> AIM: jfgadgetboy
      >>>> Skype: jfgadgetboy
      >>>> Gizmo: jfgadgetboy
      >>>> On 5/31/06 4:47 PM, "Paul Fischer" <pfischer@...> wrote:
      >>>>> Hi All,
      >>>>> I get my ADD Cast t-shirts through Cafe Press. I like the quality,
      >>>>> but they're a little pricey and their search sucks. I was
      >>> wondering
      >>>>> if anyone else can recommend a good print-on-demand shirt maker or
      >>>>> maybe a small batch printer.
      >>>>> I had about 10 podcasters at Balticon 40 last weekend and we
      >>> really
      >>>>> had a ball. If the shirts had been a little cheaper I probably
      >>> would
      >>>>> have given them each a shirt. $15 each was a bit beyond my budget.
      >>>>> But I'd like to think about it for next year.
      >>>>> ------------------------------------------------------------------
      >>>>> Paul Fischer "Paul-san, New Media Ninja Warrior", BSFS
      >>>>> pfischer @ pfischer . com
      >>>>> The Website - http://www.pfischer.com
      >>>>> The Blog - http://www.livejournal.com/users/pafischer/
      >>>>> The Podcasts - http://addcast.net http://balticonpodcast.org
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