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Announcement: Podcast Academy, June 15-16, Santa Clara, CA

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  • havi.hoffman
    Podcast Academy 3 will be held at Yahoo! in Santa Clara, California, June 15-16, and you re invited. For $275 per person, you
    Message 1 of 1 , May 25, 2006
      Podcast Academy 3 <http://www.podcastacademy.org> will be held at
      Yahoo! in Santa Clara, California, June 15-16, and you're invited.

      For $275 per person, you get all the podcasting you can consume. Seating
      is limited to 110 people, and if our experience with Podcast Academy 2
      is any indication-- (it sold out early)-- we encourage you to register
      ASAP in order to guarantee your place.

      Podcast Academy 3 is produced by Doug Kaye (of IT Conversations) and is
      sponsored and hosted by Yahoo!. Hope you can join us.


      The two-day curriculum will include 14 classes, lunch andrefreshments
      during breaks. The classes and instructors confirmed sofar (but subject
      to change without notice) include:

      * Podcast Gear for Any Budget (Paul Figgiani, The Point
      <http://www.pfiggianimsc.com/blog/> )
      * Making Money in Podcasting (Michael Geoghegan, Reel Reviews
      <http://reelreviewsradio.com/> )
      * A Live TWiT Podcast (Leo Laporte and the TWiTs, This Week in Tech
      <http://twit.tv/> )
      * Recording and Editing Interviews (Dierdre Kennedy, Animals Aloud
      <http://www.animalsaloud.net/> )
      * Podcast Advertising Sales (Tim Bourquin, The Podcast Brothers
      <http://www.portablemediaexpo.com/audio.htm> )
      * Music Licensing for Podcasts (C.C. Chapman, Podsafe Music Network
      <http://music.podshow.com/> )
      * Using Format to Engage the Listener (Stacy Bond, AudioLuxe
      <http://www.audioluxe.org/> )
      * Beyond the Audio (Darusha Wehm, The Conversations Network
      <http://darusha.ca/> )
      * The Secrets of MP3 Files (Doug Kaye, The Conversations Network
      <http://darusha.ca/> )
      * The Future of Podcasting (Eric Rice, EricRice.com
      <http://ericrice.com/> )


      Santa Clara Campus
      2821 Mission College Blvd
      Santa Clara, CA 95054

      In Doug's own words:

      "The secret mission of the Podcast Academy is to train thousands of
      podcasters in the skills they'll need to change the world by producing
      audio and video programs for The Conversations Network, a non-profit
      online community that records, produces, preserves and distributes
      spoken-word events worldwide. Of course, these are exactly the skills
      any podcaster needs for his or her personal, educational or corporate
      podcast. The Podcast Academy holds in-person classes in conjunction with
      academic and commercial sponsoring partners and recruits its instructors
      from a stable of the world's podcasting innovators. It records its own
      classes and makes those recordings available to the public."


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