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Re: [podcasters] Re: PME II Conferences?

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  • Nicole Simon
    ... I was thinking of sending in a proposal for speaking along the topic your audience is bigger than just 52 states in Northern America because oh so often
    Message 1 of 26 , May 1, 2006
      MissPeter <misspeter@...> wrote:
      >TRACK 1: Podcasting 101 - A to Z for Beginners - Getting Up To Speed
      >TRACK 2: Podcasting As A Business - Turning Content Into Profits
      >TRACK 3: Corporate Podcasting - Communications and PR Best Practices
      >TRACK 4: Podcasting As A Hobby - For Those Who Create Purely for
      >TRACK 5: Portable Audio & Video - Moving Traditional Content Into a
      >Portable, On-Demand World

      I was thinking of sending in a proposal for speaking along the topic "your
      audience is bigger than just 52 states in Northern America" because oh so
      often it is forgotten that we (people not living in the US) are listeners
      too. Even better, possible customers, and we already do speak the language.

      I took a step back from that for two reasons - there are no really hard
      data on this topic (and I know many people just believe hard figures) and
      the audience seems still to be very US centric - and therefore mostly
      uninterested in at least learning about the outside.

      It starts with "no, you don't want to use the link you get from itunes
      which will make you counted for the Top100, because that only allows the
      people with an account in the US store to listen to your podcast" and goes
      to so many other little things. Perhaps the mindset is there in 2008?

      Yes, this will be a big happening; but as far as information and exchange
      goes I expect Podcastcon UK in November to be much more usable from an
      European perspective. :(

      Podcastday 2006 (see signature) will be different because it is held in
      German - also limited to a special kind of people (those who do understand
      German) but for the reason of expanding the knowledge in Germany.

      Interestingly the topic for "opening up" will have to be addressed in here
      as well - Germans need to learn more English to exchange thoughts in
      Europe. :)


      Come to the German Podcast event of the year!
      Podcastday 2006 - Cologne 24th May
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