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Re: [podcasters] HotRecorder-PowerGramo-Pamela/Skype (long)

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  • P. Dilly
    I just downloaded Pamela 3 days ago. So far I am very happy with it. I have more testing to do, but so far so good. ... -- Gary leland Vote for
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 27, 2006
      I just downloaded Pamela 3 days ago. So far I am very happy with it. I have
      more testing to do, but so far so good.

      On 4/27/06, Dennis Hays <dhays@...> wrote:
      > A few words on Skype recording (Windows)...
      > I currently produce two shows. The Secrets of Digital
      > Imaging is usually just me barking into a live mic, but
      > from time to time, I interview people influential in
      > photography. Not really too difficult, a 30 minute chat
      > session that floats gently into Adobe Audition. I may have
      > to adjust the Skype connection for levels, but really not
      > too labor intensive (see below for more detail).
      > I also produce a Blues and Jazz show, where most of my shows
      > are interviews with artists and I play 5 or 6 tracks. This
      > show has a higher degree of difficulty, as I record about
      > 10 minutes of dialog and then drop in a track, speak for
      > another 10 minutes, another track, and so forth.
      > The blues show has required additional attention due to the
      > shifting back and forth between tracks and dialog and
      > making certain the levels are cool. I want the dialog to be
      > mono so the listener hears the conversation in both ears,
      > but the musical tracks I want to be stereo.
      > Originally, I tried HotRecorder. IMPO, as close to junk as a
      > product of this type can be. Here's where a software
      > publisher created a proprietary format for recording and
      > then requires you (only available if you've purchased a
      > license) to use a separate utility to convert the
      > proprietary format to a WAV format--and that to a
      > non-standard sample rate! However, they do offer, in the
      > purchased version, recording the mic and Skype in two
      > channels, making it easier for editing. But, and here's my
      > main gripe, this poorly written (and that's a compliment)
      > software tends to drop the recording. More than once, I'd
      > completed a call and clicked HotRecorder to save the file
      > and it hung. At the end, no file, no interview, and now, no
      > HotRecorder. So, if you're contemplating purchasing
      > HotRecorder, don't! That's my professional recommendation.
      > After being thwarted by HotRecorder's inability to do one
      > fundamental operation--save the file--I tried, and
      > subsequently purchased PowerGramo
      > (http://www.powergramo.com - USD$19.95). Since using it,
      > I've never dropped a call, lost a recording or had to worry
      > about converting a proprietary file format into something
      > usable. Well done, PowerGramo people.
      > At this top of this long-winded missive, I mentioned
      > recording segments for my Blues and Jazz show as well as
      > the usual need to balance levels between the mic and Skype.
      > Based on this need, I've tried Pamela
      > (http://www.pamela-systems.com/ - Standard USD$7.50,
      > Professional USD$21.50). A breath of fresh air. I do like
      > the two sliders enabling me to make real-time level
      > adjustments and Pamela allows saving in either WAV or MP3
      > format. But, for me, it's the ease of starting and stopping
      > recording to create separate files for separate segments
      > that I can just drop into Audition. Now, it's just a matter
      > of assembling the files to make a complete show.
      > I still have more I want to do with Pamela, but with its
      > extensive features, including a robust Skype voice mail
      > module, it will take me some time to wade through them. As
      > of now, I'll have to rate Pamela as my primary and
      > PowerGramo as the backup (just in case).
      > BTW, I have no affiliation with any of these products--I'm
      > just trying to do what most of you are doing--produce a
      > great sounding podcast with as little effort as possible.
      > Thanks for indulging me, but I thought my experiences may be
      > worthwhile for some on this list.
      > Best,
      > Dennis
      > --
      > Dennis Hays
      > Secrets of Digital Imaging Audio Magazine
      > http://www.imagingsecrets.com
      > http://www.haysdesign.com
      > +1 518.479.4220
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      Gary leland

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