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Tracking down videos in my iPod - A Tale of Woe

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  • Evo Terra
    Gang, I ve been struggling with this for a while now, and finally resorted to simply asking you. Did I do a bunch of research first *before* I asked about
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      I've been struggling with this for a while now, and finally resorted to
      simply asking you. Did I do a bunch of research first *before* I asked
      about this? Heck no. But I am fairly certain it's not been brought up on
      the list before, and I've been on it since the Paleolithic era. Me and
      the giant crustacean. Raise your hand if you get the reference.

      I prefer to use iPodderX (which is soon to be re-released as
      Transister... I think) to handle all of my feeds. Why? News reader and
      podcatcher all in one. And I like what Ray and August build. They're
      good people.

      I'm also using the feature of iPX which lets you "force" a genre tag.
      Everything which is a podcast gets set to either "podcast" or "podcast
      music" when it's retrieved.

      iPX automatically exports all enclosed audio and video files to iTunes
      and deletes the original file from my download location.

      Inside of iTunes, I have two (well, more than that, but let's stay
      focused) "Smart Playlists".

      @New Podcast - I'm filtering on all things with the genre "podcast" with
      a playcount of less than one. The result: anything I haven't listened to
      with the genre of "podcast" is in one easy to find spot.

      @Podcast Music - Same as the above, only I'm filtering on "podcast
      music". Why? I listen to CC, Canis, Brian, Mark and a few others when
      I'm working. Can't do that with spoken word stuff. And again, it lets me
      easily play everything new.

      All that works fine, except for one thing: any videos distributed via
      the RSS files make their way into iTunes, but *do not* get on my iPod.
      Not that I can find.

      Consider this: I *do* subscribe to a few video casts, like Happy Tree
      Friends and Tiki Bar TV. For these dedicated video casts, I'm forced to
      use iTunes. Which means I miss any text-only stuff which comes in those
      feeds. Not happy about that. But when I use iTunes to subscribe to the
      feed; no problem. The files are all waiting or me in my "Video Podcast"
      file, with nice little dots to tell me what is new. Too bad the things
      which are pulled first from iPX won't show up there.

      I want to use iPX as my one-stop RSS reader. Occasionally, videos come
      down in many of my subscriptions. I'm forced to watch it on my desktop
      version of iTunes. Occasionally, I find them hiding in strange places,
      like Movies.

      What's the catch, folks? Is there some sort of SmartPlaylist I can use
      on iTunes to grab them all? Is there something I can do to iPX to make
      it move the video files to the right place so the iPod recognizes them?
      Or is it something "wrong" with the way people are tagging their video


      Evo Terra | DragonPage.com | SliceofSciFi.com
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