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Re: Quality of audio-files

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  • Nicole Simon
    (note 2 self: don t start discussions when you don t have the time to answer right away) I ll take this post from Jason and Todd together, because there may be
    Message 1 of 14 , Oct 26, 2004
      (note 2 self: don't start discussions when you don't have the time to
      answer right away)

      I'll take this post from Jason and Todd together, because there may
      be a misunderstanding from my original post.

      Yes, I do like radiolike sound, meaning no noise groundlevel, well
      tempered voice / sound balance plus plus plus. And yes, it is the
      charme of podcasting, that you don't have to provide it to get an

      > On Mon, 25 Oct 2004 05:19:26 -1000, Geek News <geek@g...> wrote:
      > > delivery of content. By doing just those 2 things I have had 0
      > > about audio quality.

      Numbers in the US probably are the same as over here in Europe:
      People don't complain. Usually out of 100 unsatisfied max 4 customers
      complain and this mostly through hidden complaints. But usually all
      of the complaining customers do tell others about their bad
      experience. This is based on figures for sales and service products.

      In podcasting terms: They don't tell others to listen to it.
      You have 1000 now - which does not mean you could have more.
      Of course you may not want more but perhaps you would like to keep

      I've downloaded your file and from my (mine, not others) point of view
      it is okay with loudness but has much ground noise (hissing?).

      While I am saying I want more quality I am fully aware that this
      comes at a price: not money but the fact that if you cut out hissing,
      you modify a bit the voice.

      > > about 30 minutes longer than I want it to be. Their is a trade-
      off people
      > > will have to live with is listeners are expecting a 100%
      polished show then

      After a while you know your recording and your set. We are talking
      about additional 30 seconds of recording without speaking to get the
      hissing profile for your sound editor from this recording and one run
      through over your voice recording to remove them.

      Plus initial testing what settings fit best for you.


      > expect a balance.Granted, I am trying to improve the sound on my own
      > show, but I don't have the time/money to make it sound like radio.

      Both of you are interpreting "please make it bearable for my ears"
      with I want content like radio. I don't. But the first thing you hear
      in every podcasting intro "take this to your ipod and listen to it
      while driving to work". The inital reason for this thread was: I
      exactly did this. I put this into my car and tried to listen to it
      while driving.

      Which means I had to turn up volume and if you don't have a kind
      of hissing reduction, it is constant louder hissing.

      > You're right,this is raw and honest, and we should keep it that way.

      You do fry your meat, don't you? If you cook at home you don't do
      it like 5 star cooks but it will work out fine to delicious for you.
      And perhaps your guest. But you don't serve them raw meat but
      your cooking.

      > To take a cue from Eric Rice, if you don't like it, ignore it.

      I do. But I am that kind of person which at least like to points
      out to people why I am ignoring it or them to give them a chance
      to decide for themselves if the things I say have a valid point
      or not.

      And to get back to content:
      High cost equipment does not guarantee good podcasts, and
      good podcasts do not need to be expensive.

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