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  • Mur Lafferty
    ... Yeah, I wasn t too sure what to make of it either. Especially since I ve been told numerous times that I don t have my home state s typical accent
    Message 1 of 12 , Feb 20, 2006

      On 2/18/06, Dave Shepherd <shepdave@...> wrote:
      > hotwebideas wrote:
      > > North Carolina. It doesn't occur to me that a southern accent would do
      > > anything for your type of podcast. Stick with the btiish woman.
      > ??? As a fluent speaker of English, a podcaster and former New York
      > actor who grew up and learned to speak in North Carolina, I must say
      > that I find that judgment a bit bizarre.

      Yeah, I wasn't too sure what to make of it either. Especially since I've
      been told numerous times that I don't have my home state's typical accent -
      until I get angry.

      And hey, speculative fiction that takes place in the south needs a southern
      accent. (Check out "Aliens Love Oranges" from Escape Pod)

      Mur Lafferty's rendition of "Ambient Sleaze" was, to my ear, nearly a
      > definitive performance of a speculative fiction story.
      > Keep up the good work, Mur (and Steve)!

      Thanks very much for the high praise, Dave!

      Mur Lafferty
      Geek Fu Action Grip

      I Should Be Writing

      "The secret is to never stop writing, through times of feast or times of
      ~Eric Burns

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