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"What Does An Iowa Winter Sound Like?" by Mark Rushton

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  • Mark Rushton
    What Does An Iowa Winter Sound Like? by Mark Rushton
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      "What Does An Iowa Winter Sound Like?" by Mark Rushton


      A reporter from a local paper asked me via email about the possibility
      of writing a story on the music and spotlighting this podcast. It sort
      of morphed into a theme that the reporter came up with, which was:
      "What Does An Iowa Winter Sound Like?"

      During the month of December in 2005, winter has been relentless in
      Iowa. We've received nearly a foot of snow and dealt with temperatures
      as low as -19. I commute daily to from my home in Cedar Rapids to my
      job in Iowa City using state highways and county roads, and you can't
      help but be inspired by the beauty and the difficulty of driving
      through the winter landscape. I hope that the music in this podcast
      reflects what I'm seeing and experiencing this winter.

      First track is "Advisory" - a piece I completed in December 2005 in
      collaboration with Jon Harnish.

      The second track, "Winter Wind Chimes", is about 4 minutes long and
      was completed in December 2005 with the assistance of Jon Harnish.
      Part of it was done in the studio, and other sections are samples from
      a previous live performance at the Ambient Matyk Cafe in Cedar Rapids.

      Continuing with the show's theme is "New Rules" - this is another
      hybrid ambient piece based on atmospheric loops that Jon Harnish
      created and I arranged. Jon also plays bass guitar, and, like "Winter
      Wind Chimes" the bass was recorded live at the Ambient Matyk Cafe. I
      also provided the field recording of birds, recorded near rural
      Toddville, Iowa, that you'll hear throughout. This reminds me of one
      of those grey days in the country where the temps are in the 20s and
      not much is going on.

      The fourth piece of music was made in early 2005 and called "Minus
      Eleven" - it was initially created when the temps outside were
      actually minus eleven. It's a bit more of a rhythmic piece - think of
      spinning tires and idling car engines if you wish - and if you're not
      wearing headphones you might not fully appreciate what's going on, so
      get a pair on if you can. This 4 minute track is from my recent CD
      release, Hum And Drift.

      Finally, to finish off the theme of "What Does An Iowa Winter Sound
      Like?" is a short piece of music by Mark Rushton and Jon Harnish, just
      under 2 minutes, called "Drift Higher" - it features a field recording
      of birds in the early spring time, something we are all looking
      forward to after going through so many cold winter days and dark evenings.

      Mark Rushton Podcast #9 - What Does An Iowa Winter Sound Like?
      (January 2006)
      Released January 1, 2006
      22 minutes and 37 seconds
      160kb-encoded MP3


      For more about Mark's podcasts, visit http://podcast.markrushton.com
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