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Re: [podcasters] Popping My P's

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  • Bobbo
    ... LOL There s an old joke that falling out of a plane doesn t kill you. It s the moment after the fall, when you contact the ground. Actually, it isn t the
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 21, 2005
      >I am ALWAYS talking about Podcasts so I need to
      >perfect my P. It's REALLY bad when I describe
      >the (future) of Podcouple.com ("Passionate
      >People with Opposing Opinions").
      >But more than investing in a microphone screen,
      >I'm thinking about "soft P's, kind of like the
      >spanish D's in "verdad." People might think I'm
      >talking about bodcasts though!

      There's an old joke that falling out of a plane
      doesn't kill you. It's the moment after the fall,
      when you contact the ground. Actually, it isn't
      the "P" that pops, but the release of the stored
      air behind it. There are exercises I teach in my
      voice over classes to help diminish not just
      pops, but sibilance as well. If you're
      interested, just say your "Passionate People"
      line about 6-12" from a candle. Keep doing it,
      minimizing the movements of the candle flame by
      diminishing the amount of stored breath behind
      the plosive. As it becomes conscious, it soon
      becomes unconscious. Controlling the amount of
      air is the key. And not hitting the ground at
      high velocity. Changing an unvoiced plosive (P)
      to a voiced plosive (B) won't bo very buch. It's
      quite a simple matter to pop a B, as well. For
      what it's worth, I find a popscreen useful, and
      speaking across the mic proves more forgiving
      than directly into it. An excellent pop filter
      may be found at http://popfilter.com/. I bought
      the VAC 3.5, dual screens and holder, as I
      already had the flexible arm. Using both filters
      darkens the sound just a tad, but even one is
      effective against all but a serious Orville

      Good luck.


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