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Podcasting on blogger.com

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  • Tatum, Richard
    Hi, all, I m not a blogger.com user, so I cannot vette my colleague s question, below. Can anyone here help me with some insight? Hi Rich, I m editing this
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 10, 2005
      Hi, all,

      I'm not a blogger.com user, so I cannot vette my colleague's
      question, below. Can anyone here help me with some insight?

      Hi Rich,

      I'm editing this article on podcasting, and I have a question.
      The author says Blogger is an easy way to create a podcast. He
      says you can upload MP3 files to Blogger and display a Blogger
      Web page that gives your list of sermons. But I am not finding
      that capability on Blogger. Do you know anything about this?

      Below is my original answer to him. I'm hoping someone here can
      provide more concrete information.



      My answer:

      That sounds like an elliptical statement. Yeah, you can
      probably upload your MP3 files to blogger (though I'm not sure
      how much space the free service, BlogSpot, gives you), and
      yeah, Blogger will display a page of sermons, but in-between
      someone's going to have to create that page and create the
      links to the sermons and provide the titles,etc.

      I found this comment at the WSJ:

      "Unfortunately, the big blog-hosting sites such as
      Blogger.com and MSN Spaces, don't offer provisions for
      hosting podcasts. This is probably because podcasts are
      audio files that require much more online storage than
      regular blogs without audio."

      The Mossberg Solution -- Personal Technology from The Wall Street

      BTW: Here's a step-by-step guide to setting up a blogger.com
      podcast/blog ... Note that it assumes you're hosting your MP3
      files elsewhere (mainly because, I suppose blogger doesn't
      provide you much hosting space).


      Final note, Blogger.com is great for what is called
      "Moblogging," short for "mobile bloging" or "mobcasting"
      (mobile podcasting) because, using your blogger ID you can
      sign up at audioblogger.com and when you call a certain phone
      number, you automatically create an audio podcast on your
      blogger.com blog.


      Richard Tatum
      <http://www.tatumweb.com/blog/> tatumweb < The flood of
      careless, unconsidered, cheap words is the
      greatest enemy of the profound word > --
      <http://snurl.com/1jve> Stephen L. Talbott

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