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Re: [podcasters] podfamily.net

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  • Andy Armstrong
    ... Yes, that s my feeling. At the moment I m parsing out and capturing the individual ... chunks with a view to rewrapping them in a new feed -
    Message 1 of 25 , Nov 9, 2005
      On 9 Nov 2005, at 07:51, Michael Ridley wrote:
      > My opinion (such as it's worth) is that this is OK. It's basically
      > as if you
      > made a blog post saying "Hey, check out these ten mp3 links" and
      > then listed
      > 10 different podcast episodes that you liked. Then taking that
      > concept and
      > making an RSS feed out of it. As long as you're pointing back to the
      > original mp3 and not mirroring it, and as long as you keep the
      > original
      > attribution there, then I don't see the problem.

      Yes, that's my feeling. At the moment I'm parsing out and capturing
      the individual <item>...</item> chunks with a view to rewrapping them
      in a new feed - so the individual shows will be unaltered in the
      feed. That's what britcaster do at the moment. I could (and probably
      should) add an opt-out so people can exclude their feeds from any

      > Besides, there's that podcast that's been doing that for ages. I am
      > totally
      > blanking on the name right now, but there's that podcast that
      > anyone can
      > submit their links to and the put them in the RSS feed so you get a
      > random
      > sample of new stuff. I'm sure someone here knows what I'm talking
      > about.
      > It's been out there forever. Anyway to my mind what you're talking
      > about
      > isn't so different.

      Good :)

      > And actually I think it would be kind of cool to be able to get an
      > RSS feed
      > of podcasts tagged by someone else. Like del.icio.us
      > <http://del.icio.us>and furl offer for web site bookmarks. I might be
      > interested in subscribing
      > to an RSS feed of all the shows Adam Curry listened to today (to
      > pick a
      > random person that everyone knows).

      Yes! That's the kind of idea.

      Andy Armstrong, hexten.net
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