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  • Juliann
    Greetings all. I ve been lurking on this list for about two months now but as discussion seems to be primarily technical, I haven t had much to add. (If
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 8, 2005
      Greetings all. I've been lurking on this list for about two months
      now but as discussion seems to be primarily technical, I haven't had
      much to add. (If people are interested in less technical discussion I
      have several questions that I have asked at various forums but still
      do not feel that I have a satisfactory answer to. But they relate to
      content and marketing, not software and legal issues. Although I
      admit I was a coypright lawyer prior to my disability but don't
      exactly want to spend my free time giving out free legal advice.)

      I have a podcast about chronic health problems and I am starting a
      podcast about daily life with disability. I am also a voracious
      listener of health-related podcasts (and history, but there are fewer
      of those).

      Of course, part of the irony of chronic health podcasting is that
      there are often days when my health interferes with my podcasting.
      But since it is never out of my mind, I am thinking that I would like
      to compile and maintain a list of health, medicine, fitness and other
      such podcasts so that other people could find them easily instead of
      having to trawl through dozens of directories. I could just throw it
      up on my own website (and probably will) but that's not really going
      to get exposure. I'm not doing this for glory but I would prefer
      that people actually be able to benefit from my work.

      (I'd also consider doing a list of history and genealogy podcasts, as
      that is my obsession.)

      I know that i/indiepodder.org techically is set up so that
      individuals can take up the maintenance of an individual topic via
      opml. However I'm not a big fan of i/indiepodder and their format is
      fairly limited -- only the name and blog/website URL for each cast.
      I'd like to be able to give (either written by me or submitted by
      casters) a 25 word tag line so that people have a little more info of
      what each cast is about.

      So my question is: Are there any directories out there who would like
      to have someone compile one or two genre-specific lists of casts?
      Most places rely on caster submission, which I respect, but therefore
      don't want my sort of list. I'd even be happy to share my list with
      multiple directories. I just ask for credit and the right to post
      the lists on my personal web pages.

      If you run such a directory, or know of one that is reputable, please
      let me know. Offlist is fine if anyone is working on a project and
      doesn't want to announce it yet. (Or any other reason you prefer to
      contact me offlist :0 )

      Thanks in advance,

      It Won't Kill You -- a podcast about chronic health issues
      Web: http://hypermobility.20six.co.uk
      Feed: feed://feeds.feedburner.com/ItWontKillYouPodcast
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