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RE: [podcasters] Podcaster News Network (PCN)

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    Thanks for the feedback. We are not going to dictate to the podcasters what they cover and they will be free to explore within subject areas what they want
    Message 1 of 10 , Sep 22, 2005
      Thanks for the feedback. We are not going to dictate to the podcasters what
      they cover and they will be free to explore within subject areas what they
      want very good point and I will forward on to the groups mailing list..


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      I don't know what your editorial guidelines are going to be, but I urge
      you to consider covering stories that the mainstream news media miss.
      There is a lot going on that they don't cover, partly because of
      pressure from corporate owners. IMO, it is essential that any new news
      organization not fall into the same trap.


      The Writing Show, where writing is always the story

      > Many of you know I have been working with a team of developers and
      > business
      > partners in getting ready to launch the Podcaster News Network. We are
      > currently are very close to going into closed beta testing and are on
      > track
      > to launch the site in the very near future. We are still looking for some
      > key podcasters in certain subject areas. The site is still behind a
      > firewall
      > but those that have seen it have been blown away. I am in recruiter mode
      > today and am looking for more podcasters to join the fray. Key
      > positions are
      > going to be filled in the next couple of weeks. So if you are interested
      > drop a line to info@...
      > Additionally we have two leadership positions available one is for a
      > content
      > manager, this individual will be responsible for communicating and working
      > with the podcasters if you have extremely good organizational skills
      > please
      > drop us a line and include a mini resume or description of what would
      > qualify you for that position. The second position is marketing director.
      > Some of you may not have heard what podcaster news network is all
      > about and
      > to give you a quick summary, podcasters will be producing branded
      > short show
      > formats of traditional news items that you would find on any major news
      > network. The site has been under development for over 4 months and is
      > designed from the ground up to appeal to listeners. We look forward to
      > offering unique opportunities to the podcasting community. Where
      > podcasters
      > do the work podcasters get paid.
      > Todd.


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