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Re: [podcasters] introduction...want to podcast my show...need help...

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  • Ryan King
    ... Go Tigers! Greetings from Independence, MO. ... As others have said, it might be useful to break the show up into pieces rather than releasing the show as
    Message 1 of 5 , Jan 3, 2005
      On Jan 2, 2005, at 6:51 PM, dragger97 wrote:
      > hi all...
      > my name is mike hagan...i produce and host a 3 hour program on kopn
      > 89.5 fm columbia, missouri, usa...

      Go Tigers! Greetings from Independence, MO.

      > it is called radio orbit and is
      > heard every sunday morning 2am to 5am central time...i have a broad
      > listenership throughout central missouri...and over the web...

      As others have said, it might be useful to break the show up into
      pieces rather than releasing the show as one big file.

      > my show is primarily a talk format but i incorporate 10 or 12 songs
      > throughout the show...
      > to get an idea of my show's concept, you can check it out here...
      > www.radiorbit.com
      > i currently archive all of my past shows on the web for download
      > and/or listen but i am frustrated by the quality of the archived
      > recordings...i have to compress them quite a bit to give a reasonable
      > download (about 17megs is as small as i dare in the wma format i
      > use)...
      > here are all my past programs and guests' links, etc...
      > www.radiorbit.com/archives.htm
      > please take a look...
      > the talk sections are ok but i lose alot of quality in the music
      > selections...and the music is an integral part of the show...

      You might want to try VBR (variable bit rate) encoding. This might help
      a bit.

      > so anyway, i'm looking for options and one of my listeners suggested i
      > look into podcasting...
      > i am just learning about podcasting but want to learn more and welcome
      > any and all ideas/insights that you might have to share with me...the
      > technology is the key and i want to be involved on the leading
      > edges...that's where i think podcasting lies...
      > so anyway, just wanted to say hi and get some info...
      > thanks in advance...
      > o)<
      > mike



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