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997Re: [podcasters] [Beginner] why record live ?

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  • Olivier
    Jan 2, 2005
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      Hi hi :)

      Le vendredi 31 décembre 2004 à 17:49 +0000, luc@... a écrit :
      > Hello (and happy new year),

      \o/ Happy new year to you too :)

      > What I plan to do is the record the voice part on a MiniDisc, then
      > when I'm happy with it get it in an audio app on my Apple iBook
      > (probably Audacity), then add some ambiance sounds or music.

      > Is this stupid ?

      I don't find this stupid. I plan to do this with my "show". I already
      made a website (unmaintain for 10 months now :( ) wich presents
      rollerblading (fitness) in Bordeaux, and the nicest ways to go and
      discovers the wine area :) I Made a website, lots of photos I dhoot
      myself. It's difficult for me to present something, with not being on
      the place.
      So I decided to do the same with my podcast, discovering Bordeaux. I
      will present and comment each place of the city and some areas, and
      directly record there, so listeners would feel being with me. I think
      that the global sound is a neat addition to the podcast.

      But I'm doing this, because of the topic (presenting a place). One
      podcast will be on the beach. I think listener would be happier to feel
      on the beach than listening to a flat emotionless voice.

      As others people said here, this take more time to do that kind of
      podcast ! You need a preparation, need to go to the place you want to
      present, come back home and re-record everything on the computer and cut
      out all the crap sound :)

      I record my podcast on a minidisc. MD are made to record voice and
      music, where mp3 players, ipod, etc.. are only voice recorder. The
      quality is much better.

      Hope this helps you :)

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