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984Re: [podcasters] Re: [Beginner] why record live ?

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  • Luc Saint-Elie
    Jan 1, 2005
      At 13:59 +0100 1/01/05, Nicole Simon wrote:
      >luc@... wrote:
      >>For example, in the little tests i've done I
      >>realized that one of the most difficult thing is to.. end sentences.
      >Do you consider your listeners to be stupid? :)


      I don't really understand how the fact I have to learn how to speak
      in a fluid manner is related to the fact my readers (and future
      listeners) are or not stupid (English is not my native language).

      Wrtign is my job, I'm journalist. My weblog is a way to write more
      freely things I don't write for paper that pay me. When I write for
      my weblog I pout in it the exact same amount of time, effort and
      professionalism as if it was a paid job.
      I would simply like to do the same with sound.

      This is not at all easy (for me), i made a test, the sound is
      horrible, I've not yet receive my hardware and I did that with my
      iBook integrated microphone (and the sound is really awful), and it
      took me a pretty big time to eliminate all "hum..." and stuff this
      way :


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