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976Re: [Beginner] why record live ?

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  • Louis Hill
    Jan 1, 2005
      Well I think you should definately experiment and find what sounds the
      best to you. I guess it also depends on how frequent you plan on
      recording. For instance, I try to podcast multiple times a week so
      with work and any attempts at a personal life, time is a factor so I
      tend to do a live/one-take approach which has suited me. If I were to
      move to a once a week or longer timeline I'd probably take the
      record/edit approach to get a more professional sound.

      Just my two cents.


      --- In podcasters@yahoogroups.com, luc@s... wrote:
      > Hello (and happy new year),
      > I maintain a weblog for some time (http://blog.saint-elie.com) and i'm
      > planning to add audio content for 2005.
      > I'm reading several websites (and some of this list messages) and near
      > all are talking about direct recording with an audio app.
      > As far as I hve endustood for example the Engadget tutorial explains
      > how to record in real time several sources at once.
      > What I plan to do is the record the voice part on a MiniDisc, then
      > when I'm happy with it get it in an audio app on my Apple iBook
      > (probably Audacity), then add some ambiance sounds or music.
      > Is this stupid ?
      > Any advice very welcome
      > Luc
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