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974Re: [Beginner] why record live ?

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  • luc@saint-elie.com
    Jan 1, 2005
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      --- In podcasters@yahoogroups.com, Scot Mcphee <scot.mcphee@g...> wrote:
      > > What I plan to do is the record the voice part on a MiniDisc, then
      > > when I'm happy with it get it in an audio app on my Apple iBook
      > > (probably Audacity), then add some ambiance sounds or music.
      > BTW, putting music in your podcast is a breach of copyright if you
      > don't have permission from the relevant copyright holders (master tape
      > and mechanicals).

      I know, I'm working with some musicians friends...

      > Why do live? Because it's a lot more FUN that way. I used to do a fair
      > bit of live radio years ago and it's lot more fun, felt more like
      > 'radio' than doing a prerecord with heavy editing (boring). Even when
      > we had to do a pre-record, it was always best (and easiest) to try and
      > produce it as a piece of live radio and just record it

      Good point.
      But as you stated you have a radio background so you know how to use
      your voice. It's by far not something obvious for a nearly total
      beginner like I am. For example, in the little tests i've done I
      realized that one of the most difficult thing is to.. end sentences.
      When we talk in normal life we don't always finish sentences, (because
      we use moves for example for express things), of to have a fluid flow
      of words without hem..uuuh.. and silence while seraching for the next

      >(which is what a podcast is like).

      I'm not sure to feel in the "podcast move". What interest me are
      basicaly two things. The first is the fact that the "podcast wave"
      allow me to access experienced people like you. The other point is
      purely technical, in some time people will be able to automagically
      download my files (in some times because the tests I have done show
      rather clearly that podcast/RSS is very far from mainstream use, it
      will be the case the day when app like iTunes vill include Podcast
      download, allowing people to get websites files without wondering how
      this is done).

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