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972Re: [Beginner] why record live ?

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  • Scot Mcphee
    Jan 1, 2005
      > What I plan to do is the record the voice part on a MiniDisc, then
      > when I'm happy with it get it in an audio app on my Apple iBook
      > (probably Audacity), then add some ambiance sounds or music.

      BTW, putting music in your podcast is a breach of copyright if you
      don't have permission from the relevant copyright holders (master tape
      and mechanicals).

      Why do live? Because it's a lot more FUN that way. I used to do a fair
      bit of live radio years ago and it's lot more fun, felt more like
      'radio' than doing a prerecord with heavy editing (boring). Even when
      we had to do a pre-record, it was always best (and easiest) to try and
      produce it as a piece of live radio and just record it (which is what
      a podcast is like).


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