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779Podcasting in Japan

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  • Dennis A. Amith
    Dec 20, 2004
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      Hi everyone,

      Just wanted to share with podcasters how podcasting is also slowly becoming
      popular in Japan.

      In Japan, the term used for podcasting is "dedio" (pronounced as DIGIO)
      which is somewhat of a rewording of digital radio. As for why they use
      "dedio" instead of digio, the reason is because the name is copyrighted by
      a Digital Radio/satellite radio company (Star Digio) which uses digio and
      the name is used by a company (Digio Japan) that produces tripods for
      cameras and there was a major lawsuit in Japan regarding the use of "digio"
      in the past, thus it was safer for people to use "dedio".

      In Japan, the popular directory used linked on Dedio for podcasting outside
      of Japan is the ipodder.org site and the utility that is promoted for iTunes
      users is the iPodder software.

      In Japan, there are two major podcast sites:

      The site in Japan (similar to the ipodder.org) that shows information, faq,
      and the latest podcasts (I like is how it lists on the site the new podcasts
      of the day by time and archives the daily new dedio's) is on Dedio Wiki:

      The main Dedio JP is a directory site which features dedio podcasters in
      Japan via their graphics and info. about their site.

      Back in November, there were around 80+ dedio's but now the numbers have

      The main hardware used to doing a Dedio in Japan is via a DV camera or an IC
      Recorder (Digital Voice Recorder), line in and they use software like
      Audacity, SoundEngine or MP3 Direct Cut to edit the audio.

      Also, they recommend dedio broadcasts to an average of up to 10 minutes but
      truthfully a lot of the dedio podcasts tend to be around 5-25 minutes long.
      If there is one thing I noticed, most of the sizes of a dedio are under 5
      mb, around 22KHZ and mono.

      People listen to dedio's via their iPods, mp3 hardware or whichever software
      to play MP3's but for those who want a similar "radio-like experience",
      there is the online dedioTuner which is a online dedio player which plays
      the latest dedio podcasts in a row. http://www.grkt.com/degio/ like a radio
      station. It's pretty basic though.

      As for podcasts, the majority correspond to their blogs but more and more
      people in Japan are starting to get into dedio.


      Dennis A. Amith
      J!-ENT RADIO Podcast Edition

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