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5166Re: [podcasters] Can someone help me with making an RSS feed?

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  • Patrick Cook
    May 2, 2005
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      Hi everyone:

      At 06:32 PM 5/1/2005, you wrote:

      >The easiest way is to "rip off" someone else's. :)
      >Grab the RSS of my feed,
      >or someone
      >else's and open it in notepad or another word processor. Delete everything
      >but one entry. Replace my information with yours (address, file length,
      >description, etc.) and upload it.
      >This will get you up and running until you understand all the intricacies
      >(which, I admit, I myself am still working on).

      I have found this to be more problematic than it's worth.

      I know this because I tried using the code from the DSC and altering that,
      but no matter what I did, I kept running into validation issues.

      The suggestion of going the FeedBurner route is THE best. However, in
      order to configure an ATOM feed that can be converted to a
      podcast-compatible RSS 2.0 feed, you need a blog from somewhere. This can
      be either from Blogger, LiveJournal, MovableType or even Tripod. Once you
      have an ATOM feed and a blog page with links to the MP3s which are your
      podcast shows, you can then go to FeedBurner, get an account there, and
      burn that ATOM feed into a podcast-compatible RSS 2.0 feed, which you then
      advertise to the whole world. :)

      But trust me though....Using someone else's feed code and altering it to
      suit your needs is more problematic than it's really worth.

      Just my $.02 worth based on first-hand personal experience. :)

      Hope this helps :)

      Cheers for now :)

      Patrick Cook
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      Denver, Colorado
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