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41444Re: How I Have Been Recording Podcasts

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  • windytwit
    Jun 9, 2014
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      I know several Podcasters actually get all people in the to record their own "voice" on their side. That way you should have a excellent sound on both ends and you can mix each person in post instead of having the people called being Mixed in with the Audio.

      The people I regularly see doing this they often have to do the "Count in" at the beginning, before they actually talk about what they're talking about. (These guys do a live show, and subsequently shows off this stuff.)

      Just make sure the everyone is recoding from the good microphone, not a webcam. I'd post a link where I didn't follow my advice, but I can't find it online anymore, nor can I upload the files in question.

      If that isn't an option, You could set the Recording so that your Mic is left and the Phone call is on the right. You should be able to mix the levels better that way, then combine both sides late in the Post production side.

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