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41429Re: [podcasters] I'm creating a new completely web based podcast recorder

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  • David Jackson
    Mar 6, 2014
      Thanks so much. I would love to give my opinion that is based on 9 years of experience. I've tried every piece of recording crap there is. I will gladly trade you my opinion for a free account. You will get complete and 100% honesty. I want you to succeed. 

      Dave Jackson

      On Thu, Mar 6, 2014 at 7:20 PM, John Sonmez <john.sonmez@...> wrote:

      Hi, I'm John Sonmez. I am the host of the Get Up and CODE podcast.

      I'm reaching out all of you because I'm building a product that I think could save you a lot of hassle and make the audio quality of your podcast even better.

      As you already know, recording podcasts over the Internet is a pain. Most podcasters I know use a call recorder over Skype or try to extract the audio from a live Google Hangout. The guests sound like robots - you can tell the audio was recorded over the internet. (Let's not even start talking about all the problems with calls dropping in the middle of an interview and lag issues that can ruin your whole recording.)

      It’s really frustrating when Skype messes up your audio or worse--when your call drops in the middle of an interview.

      I’m sick of dealing with this, so I've teamed up with two top notch devs, to create a service that has the potential to revolutionize how podcasts are recorded. (At least we think so… )

      You can check it out here: http://podcastrecorder.io

      Your feedback on this service and the problem we’re tackling would be invaluable.

      One thing I've learned about launching a new product is that the real way to validate a product is to ask someone to pay for it. So ...

      If you like this idea and you'd like to see us bring the service to market, would you consider being one of our first customers?


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