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41416Re: [podcasters] The Sound of My Own Voice

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  • Shawn Thorpe
    Nov 11, 2013
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      I can't say for sure as I don't know exactly what your setup is but you may want to consider unchecking the "monitor" box in the Garageband track that's actively recording.

      On Nov 8, 2013, at 6:58 PM, <willysid@...> <willysid@...> wrote:


      I'm using Garage Band with Linein and Soundflower to record Skype calls. 

      When I do a test call and speak, I don't hear my voice through the headset. 

      The other day, however, I did an interview, and when I connected with the subject, I could hear myself through the headset when I spoke. It was a little distracting.

      Any thoughts on what box I need to uncheck or which drop down to amend? 

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