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41403RE: Any podcasters using WordPress 3.6?

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  • angelomandato
    Oct 3, 2013

      PodPress has had issues since the original developer walked away from the project in 2008.

      We (Blubrry.com) developed a fork of PodPress, which quickly became a rewrite. It's called PowerPress, here's a link: http://wordpress.org/plugins/powerpress/

      Switching from PodPress to PowerPress is seamless. We document how to make the switch here: http://create.blubrry.com/resources/powerpress/advanced-tools-and-options/migrating-from-podpress-to-powerpress/ There are two ways: first one documented gets you going quick and fast. The only downfall is you cannot edit those past episodes. The second method, which you can do after a few days of going with the first quick and easy method imports all the episodes so you an then edit them using PowerPress.

      The best feature about PowerPress is that default podcast episodes are saved in the WordPress custom fields called "enclosure". If you happen to disable PowerPress, the podcast data is still there and you can edit it manually. PowerPress follows the standards set by WordPress for podcasting, so you're not in this situation ever again.

      The only feature PowerPress cannot directly import (not yet, it's on the TODO list) is the newer "formats" feature in PodPress. If you created a custom format in PodPress, then there's currently no way for PowerPress to import those episodes (yet). This has only been an issue for a handful of folks so far as this feature was added in the past year. Most PodPress users never activated the feature in the past year or started using PodPress years before this feature was added.

      We're continually adding documentation and videos (not fast enough but we're trying), they are all consolidated on the Blubrry Create site, link: http://create.blubrry.com/resources/powerpress/

      ---In podcasters@yahoogroups.com, <shrink@...> wrote:

      For my audio podcast, I'm currently using WP3.5.2 with PodPress as my media player.  I don't believe PodPress is compatible with WP 3.6.  So I"m feeling somewhat stuck.  I've read that there is a built-in media player in WP3.6 but what happens then to the audio of my  371 hour-long interviews that I've created over the past 8 years of podcasting?  It would be a huge job if I had to manually create new audio links for 371 shows.  Is there anyone out there who has dealt this this issue?

      "Dr. Dave"
      Shrink Rap Radio

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