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41400Re: [podcasters] RE: Podcaster's Needed: Starting up a new company to help you add show notes to your Podcast

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  • C. Hatton Humphrey
    Sep 19, 2013
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      Another thought on this, I post my show notes on the same site (and in the same feed) that my podcasts links live on.  I know that in my RSS catcher both media and non-media entries come up.  Is this a problem for some environments?

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      C. Hatton Humphrey

      Every cloud does have a silver lining.  Sometimes you just have to do some smelting to find it.

      On Thu, Sep 19, 2013 at 11:17 AM, <writerpatrick@...> wrote:

      But isn't getting people to go to your website a good thing?

      You've got a service that a podcaster has to pay for to benefit some listeners. This may benefit the listeners, but how does it benefit the podcaster? What sort of profit can the podcaster see from adding this feature?  Shouldn't this be a feature that the listener pays for?

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      Hello Podcasters! I'm creating a new service that will allow you to easily add show notes to your podcasts and let listeners view your show notes on our iPhone/Android Apps and Online Podcast Player.  http://www.EnhanceCast.com

      I've been a huge podcast fan for many years (ever since Diggnation days) and always wanted an easier way to view show notes instead of going to each podcaster's website to get the info or seeing no info at all. I thought it would be ideal to have all the show notes stored in one central location and I'm on a journey to make this happen. Looking to get your feedback on my new business and whether you would subscribe to it. You would be able to try the service for free for 30 days and then pay $X/Month. I would also give this group a discount if I see enough traction to warrant it. Thank you!!

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