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41392Re: [podcasters] Re: new podcaster, could use a little help

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  • Todd Cochrane
    Aug 29, 2013
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      I am not alone in this opinion by any means, and industry folks say its
      only a mater of time. Anyone that advises a new podcaster to use
      Feedburner is giving them "very bad advice" with few exceptions (see

      We and others continue to see increased latency on feed pickup. Apple
      has this past week started sending warnings and not updating some
      podcasters episodes that are using Feedburner, as their feeds and the
      specific Feedburner features they are using have fell out of compliance
      with current standards. Another sign of Feedburner neglect.

      When a service is not maintained and is only on life support, I am not
      sure I am would be willing to risk my shows audience to that service..
      Free in that instance comes at to high a price.

      The exceptions to using Feedburner remain what has been from the beginning.

      1. The podcaster is using a walled garden like podbean, podomatic,
      libsyn.com feed etc...
      2. The blogging platform they are on does not support podcasting (blogger)

      We hope that Feedburner does not shutdown as it would negatively effect
      podcasters like you. Free comes at a to high a price from show growth
      and branding control..

      Since Feedburners inception I have advocated that podcasters should
      control / own their feeds as it is the lifeblood of their shows. In the
      end companies like ours will continue to be paid to clean up the mess.
      We can handle the volume of podcasters escaping Feedburner now..

      Any decision to close Feedburner will come with several months of
      pre-warning, and give folks sufficient time to migrate their feeds.


      On 8/28/2013 1:22 AM, Arthur wrote:
      > Todd, we'll have to agree to disagree. Neither I nor anyone I
      > personally know is worried about Feedburner. Some podcasters I know
      > have complete control over their feed using methods I can't even begin
      > to understand. And that, really, was my point: For those of us who
      > don't have the technical skills and/or who don't want to spend any
      > money on podcasting, then Feedburner is a good option. Every free
      > service on the web has its risks: Google could shut down Gmail,
      > Google+, Blogger, Picassa or Feedburner at any time, just as
      > Wordpress.com could be shut down. At the same time, there's nothing
      > stopping someone from launching a new site to replace Feedburner. For
      > some people, the risk of using free services is worth it, while for
      > others it isn't. For me and countless others, it's an acceptable risk,
      > while for you it isn't. That's fine, to each their own, and all that.
      > I'm not saying you're wrong, just that for me and others, you're not
      > right. This isn't war,
      > after all, and no one has to "win" this discussion. I do think that
      > people need to know and understand what they're getting into and be
      > happy with the risks, but if that means they, like me, are happy with
      > Feedburner, that's a valid choice.
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      Todd Cochrane
      Executive Producer
      Geek News Central

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