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41391Re: new podcaster, could use a little help

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  • Arthur
    Aug 28 4:22 AM
      Todd, we'll have to agree to disagree. Neither I nor anyone I personally know is worried about Feedburner. Some podcasters I know have complete control over their feed using methods I can't even begin to understand. And that, really, was my point: For those of us who don't have the technical skills and/or who don't want to spend any money on podcasting, then Feedburner is a good option. Every free service on the web has its risks: Google could shut down Gmail, Google+, Blogger, Picassa or Feedburner at any time, just as Wordpress.com could be shut down. At the same time, there's nothing stopping someone from launching a new site to replace Feedburner. For some people, the risk of using free services is worth it, while for others it isn't. For me and countless others, it's an acceptable risk, while for you it isn't. That's fine, to each their own, and all that. I'm not saying you're wrong, just that for me and others, you're not right. This isn't war,
      after all, and no one has to "win" this discussion. I do think that people need to know and understand what they're getting into and be happy with the risks, but if that means they, like me, are happy with Feedburner, that's a valid choice.

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