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41364Mobile Video Setup?

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  • geek4x4
    May 26, 2013
      So, I've always wanted to try video podcasting, but I know I'll run into an issue because it happens even with my audio podcast after recording it takes me a while to get back to the desk and do the editing.

      So, I was thinking if I could start editing immediately after recording, it might work out better, but the question then is how to do it.

      I was looking at a couple options and I'd like to know from any of you if you have tried anything similar and what has worked for you.

      My first idea was to get a new tablet with a camera. Most newer ones have a pretty decent built in rear camera and excellent battery life. iPad has the benefit of iMovie is well known and fairly straightforward video editing suite. and there are lots of accessories like tripods and what-not readily available.

      I don't know what video editing software is available for android tablets, but say a galaxy note, would have the benefit of being able to shunt the video off to a memory card, so it's not taking up all the space on the device.

      Another option would be to go with a windows 8 pro tablet, so it has the mobility benefit of a tablet, but can use any windows software. Of course, it's been a while since I used video software but windows isn't exactly known for good video tools.

      The other idea was to get a macbook and just use one of my USB cameras. Doesn't have the battery life of a tablet, but has more software available. has larger hard drive, but is bulkier and I'll have more things to carry around and forget.

      So, what do you think my best option is? Have any of you worked with video? how about editing on the iPad's version of iMovie or a similiar android software? Is this just a really bad idea?

      Thanks for the input.

      -John M. Campbell
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