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  • Todd Cochrane
    Dec 11 1:23 AM

      I have a couple of spots left to fill on my 24hr podcast lineup. Here is
      what I am looking for to fill the final spots.

      1. I am looking for someone that is a podcaster outside the US to pair
      with a english speaking podcaster who is in Moscow. The topic of the
      hour will be "Foreign Podcasting"

      2. I am looking for two guests that use unique tools to produce their
      shows aka there are a lot of ways to record a show. But sometimes you
      dont need to follow the norms. Warning this spot happens at 9am Eastern
      on the 16th

      3. I am looking for two Video Podcasters that are having success with
      YouTube and standard podcast distribution. This slot is a late one
      10-11pm Pacific

      4. I am looking to have one additional guest appear with Karin H√łgh at
      5am eastern. Karin will be talking about the podcasting space in Europe.
      She has been in the scene from the beginning and just looking for a good
      pairing with her.

      If you think you have something unique to add or could fill one of those
      spots email me at geeknews@.... During the 24hrs their will be
      plenty of opportunities for people to jump in the show as we always have
      people that forget or do not wake up in time. I hope to see all of you
      when we kick off on Saturday Morning.

      Waiting on a confirmation from Adam Curry as he will be kicking it off
      with me at 11am on the 15th if all goes to plan.


      Todd Cochrane
      Host Geek News Central
      We're Live Streaming CES 2013. Ask me how you can get your name in front of 30 million consumers!
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