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41258WP Redirect Service for Homegrown Download Stats?

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  • Calvin Powers
    Nov 10, 2012
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      Howdy all,

      I am currently using Powerpress on my wordpress site to generate my feed
      which is run through feedburner. The feedburner feed is registered into
      itunes. Fairly standard set up. My media is hosted on libsyn. I am mostly
      happy with the basic reporting, But there's some more advanced analysis I'd
      like to do on my download history which can't be generated through libsyn.

      What I'd really like to do is download some of the raw download logs and
      build a spreadsheet pivot table.

      What I'd need is a file that has records with the following fields.
      date/timestamp of the download
      file name downloaded,
      IP address of downloader

      From this I could generate the pivot table i want to generate. The problem
      is that you can't generate this data on libsyn directly.
      You can go into the report for each episode, set a time range, and export a
      file that has most of that information in it. but it doesn't have the
      filename. So I have to download the file for every episode, add the file
      name to it, (or episode number) and then combine all of the files together.
      In the early days of my podcast, I could do this, but now that I'm well
      over 100 episodes, I just can't do that by hand anymore. It takes way too

      So what I was thinking about is trying to use some sort of redirect service
      plugin on WordPress. The idea would be to create a redirect for each
      episode that redirects to the file on libsyn. Then use the redirect URL
      everyplace I would normally reference the libsyn file URL. If I the
      redirect service kept a log with the right information in it, I could
      probably download that log, massage it into what I need for my spreadsheet
      and import it to my spreadsheet.

      So my question is whether or not anyone is aware of any WordPress plugins
      that keep detailed logs like this that can be downloaded and imported to a


      Calvin Powers

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