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4122RE: [podcasters] What are all your thoughts regarding ClearChannel's entry onpodcasting?

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  • Rob Usdin
    Apr 1, 2005
      >>>> Curious...if Sirius did a podcast of the Howard Stern, would people
      mind if
      his show was mixed with non-radio produced podcasts. I think he would be #1
      for a long time. Granted for now, I'm sure the radio-produced podcasts
      would love to go tit-for-tat against Adam and Dawn and Drew but if big name
      radio produced podcasts start coming out, I think things would definitely
      change. <<<

      But here's the thing to think about - in any given city - a specific
      personality MAY very well BE the "Howard Stern" of their region. How many
      of us are aware of "radio legends" in our particular city or region? I mean
      you are talking about stations in big cities that definitely have more
      listeners then any podcast does. If you take one station's morning show -
      put it on as a podcast - there is a certain built in audience. AND - maybe
      that audience is tired of the station - but still listens out of habit.
      They still like the specific personality, but can't stand the music on the
      station. Built in audience = built in possible downloaders of podcasts of
      that personality. So I think not just that they would LIKE to go tit for
      tat against Adam and Dawn and Drew - but that they WILL. They will have
      locally produced content that may very well be of interest to people in that
      specific city.

      >>> Not necessarily, If it was me, I'd give radio brands second billing and
      non-radio podcasts top billing. The point of podcasting for me is an
      alternative to radio. There are radio shows that I enjoy and listen to but
      for podcasting, podcasting to me is alternative to radio, something that is
      not like radio. I'm not knockin' radio produced podcasts because hell, I
      would be subscribing to them like crazy but I just don't want those type of
      podcasts mixed with non-radio produced podcasts. <<<

      I think - and I've suggested this before - that the need is to have various
      "charts" - not just a Top ten of the month, not just a Top 50. So I agree -
      add that "commercial radio" tag - and then divide it into "overall Top ten",
      "non-comm Top ten" and "Comm Top ten." The need is for increased ways of
      looking at the data of who is listening to what podcasts. I'm not seeing
      that too much - yet.


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