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4121BlogMatrix, Inc. acquires Adam Curry, Eric Rice

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  • David Janes - BlogMatrix
    Apr 1, 2005
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      For Immediate Release

      Toronto, April 1, 2005 // - BlogMatrix is pleased to announce that it has acquired Eric Rice and Adam Curry
      and to add to its growing product lineup. "With Rice and Curry!, not only have we created a tasty pub treat, we're also completing the loop", says BlogMatrix founder David Janes. "Before we only had tools for recording, storing and downloading podcasts. Now, we can create the podcasts for you and record them in great 'VJ-authentic' voices".
      With our Rice and Curry! package, new podcasters will be able to:

      a.. sit back and relax while world-class podcasts are created for you
      b.. bask in the envy of their friends as their podcasts grab world-wide attention
      c.. order optional pints, half-pints and poppadoms (at an additional charge)
      "Traditionally, potential podcasters have faced a couple of big challenges", declares Janes, "like coming up with something to say and then, you know, saying it. With Rice and Curry! you can just yell a request from the back of the pub. It's so easy and interesting...I mean who would have thought that so many people wanted podcasts about American pie"?


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