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41189Re: [podcasters] Leveling Voices With Levelator, Call Recorder, And Garageband.

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  • Shawn Thorpe
    Aug 8, 2012
      When you're ready to export your podcast, In Garageband, select the "Share" menu, then:
      Export Song to Disk >> Uncheck the "compress" box >> Click the "Export" button >> Save the file to disk wherever you'd like, this will create an AIFF file (the OS X equivalent of a WAV file) >> Drag that AIFF file into Levelator >> Export from Levelator >> Convert the exported file to mp3 if necessary.

      Another good idea is to make sure that, within Garageband preferences, you've ticked the "Auto Normalize" checkbox in the Advanced tab.

      -Shawn Thorpe

      On Aug 8, 2012, at 2:50 PM, docholliday2006 wrote:

      > I just put out my first episode of my new podcast.
      > One problem I'm having is voice level inconsistencies throughout the podcast.
      > My audio sources are
      > 1) Me recording my voice in garageband and speaking into my mac book microphone
      > 2) Skype conversations recorded with Call Recorder and then imported into garage band.
      > Throughout the podcast the volume of the voices can vary dramatically. Even my own voice recorded into garageband can vary a lot.
      > I've heard of levelator, but the it only accepts wav and aac files.
      > My only inputs from call recorder are .mov files, and after I've created my finished podcast it is exported as an MP3, so I can't put it through with that either.
      > So how do I use levelator to level out the different speech volumes with what I've got?
      > What would you do in my situation?
      > Thanks.

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