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41187Leveling Voices With Levelator, Call Recorder, And Garageband.

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  • docholliday2006
    Aug 8, 2012
      I just put out my first episode of my new podcast.

      One problem I'm having is voice level inconsistencies throughout the podcast.

      My audio sources are

      1) Me recording my voice in garageband and speaking into my mac book microphone
      2) Skype conversations recorded with Call Recorder and then imported into garage band.

      Throughout the podcast the volume of the voices can vary dramatically. Even my own voice recorded into garageband can vary a lot.

      I've heard of levelator, but the it only accepts wav and aac files.

      My only inputs from call recorder are .mov files, and after I've created my finished podcast it is exported as an MP3, so I can't put it through with that either.

      So how do I use levelator to level out the different speech volumes with what I've got?

      What would you do in my situation?

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