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  • Kenn Crawford
    Jun 7 12:37 PM
      Hi everyone,
      I created a podcast to help writers new to audio learn how to record and
      produce better sounding audiobooks. Episode 1 is live at Podiorookie.com
      and will be available in iTunes shortly.

      Throughout the podcast we'll be covering a lot of topics: Recording and
      editing techniques, microphones and how to use them, EQs, compressors
      and other audio editing tools, the proper use of Sound FX and music
      beds, setting up your recording area for cleaner tracks, narrating
      techniques, tips for writing (or adapting) your story for audio,
      interviews with authors and voice-over artists, getting your name "out
      there" and so much more!

      Pop on over for a visit, have a look-see around the site, and listen to
      episode 1 of PodioRookie and let me know what you think. The debut
      episode is 12 minutes 53 seconds long and there's a lot more to content
      to come!

      If you have any comments, words of advice, please let me know.... I'm
      all ears and at your mercy. :)

      Thanks for taking the time to read my post,

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