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40713Re: [podcasters] Newbie/playing other artists content

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  • Nicholas Jaime
    Sep 2, 2011
      Thanks forr the feedback, everyone. I feel that we will stick to local
      artist that have the rights to their own music and want to get it heard.
      Again, awesome input. I appreciate it.
      On Sep 2, 2011 7:45 AM, "Gwen Orel" <gwenorel@...> wrote:
      > Ask for permission.
      > Podcasters are likely emulating radio shows, unWare that the stations have
      licenses and permissions.
      > So ask. Or use something else.
      > Stealing intellectual property is ripping off artists- to me that makes it
      different from qn expired meter.
      > Sent from my iPhone
      > On Sep 1, 2011, at 10:01 PM, "NICHOLAS" <nxjaime@...> wrote:
      >> Hello all-
      >> I am new to the group and to podcasting as well. I have currently been
      listening to some amateur podcasts and I have noticed that some use other
      peoples content. For example, most podcasts will start with a music clip by
      a famous artist. Is this appropriate? I have started to get local
      bands/artists on board with my podcast to get around this but I would like
      to review new album releases by larger artist. In short, will I get sued if
      I play Rage Against The Machine on the show? Thoughts?
      >> Thanks,
      >> Nick jaime
      >> Thehavenots.podomatic.com
      >> @HaveNotRadio
      >> thnradio@...
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