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40426Re: [podcasters] headsets/skype?

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  • Richard Amirault
    Apr 2, 2011
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      From: "Gwen Orel"

      > So I'm doing an arts podcast that is interview based, and I'm pretty
      > unhappy with the quality of my recordings. I thought maybe it was the new
      > skype, but then remembered i was having some feedback issues with the old
      > as well.
      > i set levels in wiretap studio (which is how I'm recording) but am still
      > unhappy with the end resutl and it's VERY hard to get the whole thing
      > sounding level in the end.

      A *very* handy tool is the program called the LEVELATOR. It "evens" out the
      voice levels between speakers. This can be because of different inputs to
      the recorder, different distances from the mics to the speakers, or just
      because some folks talk softer (or louder) than others.

      This is ONLY for use on voice recordings, not for music.


      Richard Amirault
      Boston, MA, USA
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