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  • Gwen Orel
    Apr 2, 2011
      So I'm doing an arts podcast that is interview based, and I'm pretty unhappy with the quality of my recordings. I thought maybe it was the new skype, but then remembered i was having some feedback issues with the old as well.

      i set levels in wiretap studio (which is how I'm recording) but am still unhappy with the end resutl and it's VERY hard to get the whole thing sounding level in the end.

      do you think it might be a headset issue? I'm using a logitech mono with usb connection.

      what headsets do you recommend?

      the calls that use the "real" phone (conference call, for example) are actually much worse; I use a digital recorder for that and it's much harder to set levels on the fly.


      by the way my podcast is up at:


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